• Pure Irish butter made from Summer Milk
  • Butter made the way it used to, rolled and wrapped in parchment paper
  • Distinctive yellow color with a noticable creamy rich taste
  • Ships with point of sale materaial to encourage your customers to pick it up.
The perfect combination of fresh Atlantic air, rich fertile soil and plenty of rain produces lush grass for our cows to graze on. The summer milk these cows produce is superbly rich and creamy. Our delicious butter is a testament to this wonderful summer milk - lovely and yellow, naturally soft and full of flavour. It’s a celebration of the real taste of home!
Glenstal Irish Creamery Butter 227g (8oz) X 20

Glenstal Irish Creamery Butter 227g (8oz) X 20

Code: wspi607
Traditionally churned Irish butter and packed in original parchment. In Ireland cows roam the rain spashed summer pastures, feeding on lush grass by day and relaxing at night. Only Summer milk is used as this lends to a softer, creamier and tastier butter. The unique straw yellow colour indicates cow's natural feeding on grass, making lovely yellow butter that is naturally softer and full of flavor. Happy cows make the best butter.